Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wildwood Flower

   Here's a video of Wildwood Flower... thanks to DJ Snider & Terri Jones.

Hope to add another version with both hands soon.   Hope this helps you.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Video-- Fingerpicking Strum Pattern-- with Country Roads

  This is a fingerpicking strum pattern-- using alternating bass notes, then a finger note, down hand strum, and backwards up strum with finger. 

  Shown using John Denver's "Country Roads", we use the chords G--Em--D--C--G. Hope all of you can follow along and we can learn this together.

Thanks to my friend Dennis who videoed this short lesson.

Video-- Fingerpicking Pattern

For My Students : This is a basic fingerpicking pattern. 

 Hope you all can grasp this, play along with me, and we all can learn the technique together.

Thanks to my friend Dennis who videoed this short lesson.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Video Guitar Lessons

Beginning Guitar Video Lessons

I recently filmed some guitar teaching videos, and will begin to post them on this site soon.  The GuiTarHeel site will also be remodeled a bit, with easier-to-navigate tools.
My new videos will include Guitar Lessons on topics like :
  • How to Hold &  Play the Guitar
  • Learning the Strings of the Guitar
  • Learning our First Guitar Chords
  • Fingerboard Exercises : The "Spider" Scale
  • Strumming Patterns Techniques
   These videos are designed to be used as follow-up lessons for my Guitar Class students.  They may eventually be utilized as a separate Guitar Teaching Video, or website.

  The videos will be downloaded and posted to the GuiTarHeel website, and will probably also be posted on YouTube.  Hopefully, after posting these first few videos are posted, then more will be added soon.  Eventually, I hope to start posting new videos every week.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Your First Guitar Chords (video)

(12 mins)

This basic video shows your first three chords (G, C & D7) 
in great detail, with both explanation and demonstration.
Learn these three basic guitar chords, and
you can play hundreds of popular songs.

The Spider Exercise (video)

(11 mins)

A short video explaining and demonstrating 

The Spider Exercise, 

which is basically a chromatic six-string warm-up exercise

 which helps to stretch the fingers and develop 

dexterity and discipline in note playing.